[MARIA FARRO] WINONA slide (White/Natural)

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I'm developing my lifestyle based on a simple and classic design.Let me introduce the handmade shoes brand [MARIA FARRO]. It introduces products that can be used anywhere from the city center to vacation spots.MARIA FARRO is located in a beautiful city on the northwest coast of Greece.It's being made by hand.
We produce 100% natural leather products in the traditional way of skilled craftsmen.You can see natural leather products that give you a natural aging experience.

WINONA SLIDE was created in collaboration with NOTHING WRITTEN and Australian handmade shoes brand MARIA FARRO. WINONA SLIDE, which has a modern reinterpretation of minimal 90s style slides, has a new color composition that adds a natural white crack leather to a cool summer mood. For comfortable wear, it is 1CM high and can be worn lightly with a thin leather strap.*Because of the nature of the natural leather material, there may be minute scratch wrinkles on the surface, differences in leather resolution, and tendons. Please note that this is not a reason for defect. Avoid direct sunlight and avoid humid weather.
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Heel 1

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Fabric & Care
Outsole : Rubber Sole
Handmade in Greece

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